Always been men and women in love with the beautiful have been fascinated by these places !!
Prehistoric rock carvings (one delivered in the town hall, 200 meters from the campsite) ..
Remains of ancient Roman villa in Castelletto di Brenzone.
Year one thousand four Romanesque churches about the immediate surroundings.
Two medieval castles La Scala (the Gentlemen of Verona) to Torri del Benaco and Malcesine.
Remains of two other castles destroyed Castle Brenzone and Castelletto di Brenzone. An island Trimelone now there is no trace.

The romantic medieval hamlet of Campo, suspended in time and for centuries the olive grove.

Museums in Castelletto di Brenzone, Torri del Benaco and Malcesine.
Grotto caving in Pai about 400 meters easily visited.
The shortest river in the world in Cassone: The Aril.
The scenic Val Trovaj.
A few more kilometers and the visit of the season with Verona Opera performances at the Arena or theater and ballet at the Teatro Romano.
Or to Valeggio with the park Sigurtà.
Or in Riva del Garda with the Varone waterfall.
Or on the Brescia side with the experience of the ferry from the Towers Vittoriale and other localities.

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